UHMW-PE downstream products



    Jonnyma fiber is one of the world’s strongest and lightest fibers with its strength ranking first among the three high performance fibers and is the first UHMW-PE fiber manufactured using flexible macromolecule chain as raw materials after Kevlar and C-fiber.

    High strength and high modulus——Jonnyma fiber is 10 times stronger than steel;

    Low specific gravity(0.97)——Jonnyma fiber can float on water

    Excellent chemical resistance——Jonnyma fiber is chemically incert. Moreover Jonnyma fiber performs very well in dry, wet, salty and humid conditions, as well as other situations where chemicals are present.Moisture resistant—— Jonnyma fiber resists water absorption which provides an extra level of protection and durability.

    UV resistance——Jonnyma fiber shows strong resistance to photo degradation when exposed to UV light. The high UV resistance of the fiber ensures continuing high performance.

    Anti radiation——can be materials of shield for nuclear power station

    Low temperature resistance——Jonnyma fiber keeps good ductility under -269℃, while aramid fiber looses such feature under -30℃. With high ductility and impact strength under-195℃, Jonnyma fiber can be materials of Low temperature resistant parts in nuclear industries.

    Jonnyma fiber gives a high degree of electrical isolation;

  • UHMW-PE downstream products

    UHMW-PE downstream products

    1、Jonnyma Engineering Yarn
    Engineering yarn Feature:
    it is a kind of new style yarn which takes advantage e of UHMW-PE fiber such as spandex or nylon. This engineering yarn is uniform, fleeciness soft and smooth.
    Raw materials for high-grade cut-resistant gloves and special woven fabrics.

    2、Jonnyma Cut-resistant gloves
    Cut-resistant gloves Feature: 
    knitting gloves with Jonnyma engineering yarn and knitting gloves with coating are all fitting EN388 standard cut level 3 to cut level 5. These gloves are soft, smooth and comfortable.
    Military and police protection
    Hard material processing enterprise, such as car manufacturing, glass production and all kinds of mechanical repair shop.

    3、Jonnyma short fibre
    Uniform, good cohesion, easy to spin, soft, high strength and high modulus
    The products are mainly made of composite materials such as stab resistance, cutting resistance, impact resistance, etc.
    Staple spinning

    4、Jonnyma iber bullet-proof cloth products
    iber bullet-proof cloth and its products
    uniform, neat, low areal density
    Meet the standard of NIJ standard and GA-142-2001 standard
    anti-bullet vest
    anti-bullet helmet and armor

    5、Jonnyma Fiber Rope
    light, soft, ultraviolet radiation resistant, corrosion resistant, wear resistant, alkali resistant; Jonnyma fiber cables are used in the environment where temperature is from -150℃ to 70℃. They are especially suitable for the marine environment. Comparing with other ropes, they are more energy saving.
    ●shipping ●sling ●marine fishery ●oil drilling ●sporting good ●mountaineering rigging


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